Diego Leather

Our Diego leather is a natural vegetable-tanned leather with no dyes or chemical finishes. This leather will develop a beautiful, rich patina over time. Exposure to sun and water will burnish it to a buttery tan hue making each piece unique. 

Aged Diego Leather Consuela Handbags

Care for your Diego Leather

  • Giving your Diego Leather some sun will speed up the darkening process. You can leave the bag in the sun, flipping it to all sides to give it a nice tan.
  • Taking a damp cloth and wiping the leather evenly all over is also a way of darkening the leather, and it’s a great way to even out any water spots or uneven spots if you prefer a more solid look.
  • You can use leather creams and oils to condition it, make it darker, and even give it a bit of water resistance depending on the product you choose. Testing products on the inside or small area is always a good idea.
  • You can mix up any of the above techniques to get just the look you love, or just let it be, which is our personal favorite. Similar to growing out bangs, there may be some awkward stages along the way, but the end result is always so beautiful.

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